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Carry1st VALZA Cup Announced as South Africa’s Largest Valorant Tournament

The gaming community in South Africa is about to witness an unprecedented esports extravaganza as The Carry1st VALZA Cup makes its grand entrance. This eagerly awaited tournament promises not only thrilling Valorant action but also an impressive prize pool, community participation and showcase at the prestigious rAge Expo. Organized by ACGL, The Carry1st VALZA Cup is set to become a cultural icon for the South African gaming community.

Scheduled to take place from 8-10 December at rAge Expo,The Carry1st VALZA Cup boasts a staggering prize pool of R150,000. The top-performing teams will have their skills put to the test in Valorant, with R75,000 going to the champions, R45,000 for the runners-up, R30,000 for third place and R15,000 for the fourth-place team. Moreover, the community’s involvement can further boost the prize pool, with R50,000 up for grabs through achieving community goals, including having 64 teams enter the competition, reaching live viewer milestones during the qualifier and the rAge Expo final broadcast, and creating a buzz on social media with the hashtag #VALZA.

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Spencer Ma, Growth Lead from Carry1st, commented on the tournament, saying:

“At Carry1st, we’re dedicated to fostering the growth of gaming in Africa. Our VALZA Cup is a testament to the potential of South African gamers and the wider gaming community. It’s an honor to host an event that brings together players, fans, and enthusiasts for a thrilling esports experience.”

Nicholas Holden, the co-founder of ACGL, added:

“The Carry1st VALZA Cup is a significant milestone for esports in South Africa. It’s not just a tournament but a celebration of our vibrant gaming community. We’re proud to partner with Carry1st in making this event a reality, and we can’t wait to see South African talent shine on the big stage.”

The online qualifiers, which are now open for registration, will take place from the 28 October and will be hosted on the ACGL platform, where the tournament will accommodate up to 64 teams. Teams will navigate group stages and a double-elimination bracket to secure one of the coveted top 4 spots.

rAge Expo, the chosen venue for The Carry1st VALZA Cup’s Grand Finale, holds a special place in South African gaming history. It has long been a platform for showcasing the best South African talent, gamers and gaming companies. The inclusion of The Carry1st VALZA Cup at rAge Expo underscores the significance of this event in the gaming community.

The Carry1st VALZA Cup is more than just a tournament; it’s a celebration of South African gaming and an opportunity for the community to come together, show their support and enjoy some of the finest esports action in the country. Gamers and enthusiasts are encouraged to register, interact, engage and use the hashtag #VALZA to contribute to the success of the event on all major social media platforms.

This inaugural VALZA Cup is poised to be a groundbreaking event, marking the biggest Valorant competition South Africa has ever seen. Gaming enthusiasts, get ready to witness gaming history in the making!

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