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PS5 Pro Rumoured to Feature a Slightly Improved AMD Ryzen Zen 2

Sony is gearing up to release its PS5 Slim next month but the company is also working on a new PS5 Pro. While there’s been no official confirmation, reports state that gamers will be able to pick the console up in late 2024. Likely in time for the holiday season. As the months go by, more rumours have come to light regarding the super-powered PS5 and now we have the supposed specs.

According to RedGamingTech, insiders have confirmed that the PS5 Pro will feature an improved AMD Ryzen Zen 2 CPU and a bump in graphical performance. While it was suggested that the PS4 Pro would move over to a whole new AMD Ryzen Zen 4 CPU, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

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Instead, Sony is working on implementing a 4.0GHz AMD Ryzen Zen 2 8-Core chip into the console. This is compared to the current 3.5GHz AMD Ryzen Zen 2 8-Core chip the current console has. In terms of graphics, the console will also include an AMD Radeon RDNA 3-based graphics processor with 60 compute units. This is compared to the AMD Radeon RDNA 2- 2-based processor with 36 compute units in the current console.

While it is still too early to confirm if these specs are accurate, it does raise some alarm bells. This slight bump in CPU performance is a concern. Given that the GPU has seen double the performance increase, this will likely result in some bottlenecking on the GPU power due to the limited CPU.

Of course, these specs might simply be hogwash and Sony could be working on something entirely different. The company has filed multiple patents over the past few years suggesting new tech in the works. One of which was a designated raytracing unit which is similar to Apple’s recent iPhone 15 Pro A17 Pro. The chip includes cores designed specifically for raytracing pipelines and they help accelerate ray tracing.

If Sony were to include this in the PS5 Pro, the chip would then handle all ray tracing outside of the CPU and it would help solve the bottlenecking. However, Sony could also be investigating implementing an AMD Ryzen RDNA 4-based CPU into the console. That does come with a much higher cost to both the pocket and the power usage.

Source: RedGamingTech

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