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Crimson Desert Reportedly Delayed from Q2 2024 to Q2 2025

Crimson Desert, the upcoming open-world action-RPG from Black Desert developer Pearl Abyss, has reportedly been delayed from its original Q2 2024 release window into Q2 2025. The release date is still unspecified but fans may need to wait a while longer as the studio has now shifted the release of the game by one year alongside another title, DokeV.

According to a report from Insight Korea, Pearl Abyss has moved the release of Crimson Desert (which it refers to as Red Desert) by one year. While no concrete reason was given for the delay, the report suggests that the developer wants to release more marketing material to give players a better understanding of the game. New gameplay footage was last shown off at Gamescom back in August, though fans apparently still want to see more unfragmented gameplay.

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Kim Jin-koo, researcher at Kiwoom Securities, stated:

“The launch timing of ‘Red Desert’ has been netted forward by one year to Q2 2025 from Q2 2024 to reflect a neutral level, while the cumulative sales volume, including the relevant initial quarter sales, remains at the same level as before based on global user feedback from published in-game videos … However, since the release of the video at Gamescom in August, users have continued to demand continuous play versions of in-game videos rather than fragmented in-game videos, so there may be room for a disadvantageous situation in terms of user credibility and global attention if more than six months have passed since Gamescom.”

Pearl Abyss CEO Jin-young Heo confirmed earlier this year that the game would launch towards the end of 2023 in time for the holiday season. It was initially delayed to Q2 2024 for unknown reasons, though it has now been hit with another year-long delay pushing it into Q2 2025 (which is between April-June).

Crimson Desert is set to launch in 2025 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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