Dead Island 2 Weapon Rarities
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Dead Island 2 – All Weapon Rarities and How to Tell if You Have a Unique Weapon

Dead Island 2 is packed full of some cool weapons. You can take a pipe, slap on some electric mods and make a killing machine but makeshift weapons aren’t actually the highlight of the game. In fact, Unique weapons in Dead Island 2 are where all the fun is had – in my opinion anyway.

Before you get confused by all the many different weapons in Dead Island 2, here’s a guide on what you can find, what weapon rarities the game has and how to tell if your weapon is Unique. We have also covered the Dead Island 2 guns and discussed how to get your first gun here.

Dead Island 2 Weapon Rarities

Dead Island 2 includes five weapon rarities. When you start the game you will mainly find white weapons. These are the most basic of them around. As you progress through Hell-A and level up your character, green weapon types will start dropping.

Dead Island 2 Weapon Rarities

A bit later into the game, you’ll then find Blue ones followed by purple. Lastly, Dead Island 2 features orange legendary weapons which are the rarest of them all. These weapons mostly come in Unique builds but can also “very rarely” drop from enemies. These dropped orange legendary weapons will be similar to the purple, blue, green and white weapons but pack much more power and rare mods.

The rarer the weapon, the more mod and perk slots are also available for it. However, different weapon types include various slots depending on whether it is a mallet, gun or sword.

  • White – The most basic weapon type called “Improvised”
    • Does not include any upgrade slots – can’t be upgraded
  • Green – The common weapon type called “Common”
  • Blue – The “better” of the green called “Rare”
  • Purple – Powerful and highly craftable called “Superior”
  • Orange – The best of the best called “Legendary”

What Are the Unique Weapons in Dead Island 2?

Dead Island 2 also features a range of Unique weapons. While they aren’t technically called “Unique” I just called them that because these weapons are one-of-a-kind and you’ll only ever find one of them during the game.

Unique weapons aren’t dropped by enemies. They can’t be found in loot boxes either. Instead, Unique weapons are obtained by side missions, Lost and Found quests and main quests.

Dead Island 2 Weapon Rarities

Without knowing you have a Unique weapon, you’ll likely just store it away in your stash. That is why it is important to know how to tell these weapons apart from the rest. Unique weapons in Dead Island 2 include the following traits:

  • Feature a unique name without the “weapon type” in the title
    • For example – The One, Brutalizer, Red Dragon, Peggy
  • Cannot be scrapped for materials
  • Cannot be sold to merchants. The weapon won’t even appear in the “sell” tab
  • Most feature a locked Mod tab with a set mod installed from the start

The Unique weapons in Dead Island 2 are my personal favourite. Once I obtained them, I simply matched their level to mine at any opportunity and took them with me throughout the game. Without spoiling anything, the Legendary versions are specifically fun to use. If anything, a little overpowered.

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