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Elden Ring DLC Referenced in Latest Patch

FromSoftware released a new patch for Elden Ring yesterday marking the first update in the game since August. However, digging deeper into the files, users have now spotted references to DLC and other new content. The files seem to be referencing two DLC packs headed to the game with the groundwork for the first DLC pack now installed in the build. While there are no exact files to look at, the code references new maps titled “m20 and m45”.

According to modders, m20 has the same code language as other legacy dungeons in Elden Ring. Players now seem to believe that this m20 and m45 point to two new areas in the game set to arrive soon. However, things get even more interesting. The latest Elden Ring patch also includes a direct reference to content called “DLC01”. The file mtd_DLC01 was spotted in the update alongside the other legacy dungeon references.

Lastly, FromSoftware might be looking at adding raytracing into Elden Ring with the new DLC. Raytracing was never a thing in the game but the latest files also contain references to raytracing strings in the code. Keep in mind that all these new files and changes were only discovered after the latest update. This definitely sounds like the groundwork for something even bigger arriving in Elden Ring.

Given Elden Ring’s previous history with The Game Awards, if there is a new DLC in the works, we might see the official reveal take place in December during the show. However, I would not get my hopes up to play this Elden Ring DLC anytime soon. Given that the game launched in February this year, FromSoftware will likely take its time developing the content. In fact, soon after the original game’s launch, the studio hinted that DLC might be on the way but they hadn’t even begun working on anything DLC-related.

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