Fable Reboot Narrative Lead Anna Megil Playground Games

Fable Reboot Narrative Lead Leaves Playground Games

Anna Megil, the narrative lead on the upcoming reboot of Fable, has announced that she’s leaving developer Playground Games. Megil posted on Twitter that she “had several wonderful years scribbling away in my fairytale cottage, but the time feels right for new challenges”, confirming her departure from the Xbox studio.

After years of silence after its initial announcement, the Fable reboot was unveiled at the Xbox Games Showcase this June, showing a blend of CGI and very small snippets of gameplay. Previous reports suggested that the game was going through some development problems including Playground Games, better known for developing open-world arcade racing games in the Forza Horizon series, struggling to come to grips with developing a role-playing game for the first time.

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Now, narrative lead Anna Megil has parted ways with Playground Games, saying in a recent message:

“Working on Fable was a dream come true for me, and it’s wrenching to leave it behind. But Playground has assembled a Heroically talented team, so I know it’s in good hands. I’m excited for what’s coming next—for them and for me.”

Over the past year, several former Playground employees left the studio to form two new AAA development companies. Playground co-founder Gavin Raeburn, alongside other members of the company, launched Lighthouse Games last year. Meanwhile, other key talents behind the Forza Horizon series left Playground in January this year to form Maverick Games.

Despite having a decent showing at the Xbox Games Showcase, we still know very little about the anticipated Fable reboot including a release date. Concrete gameplay hasn’t been shown yet either apart from the supposed in-engine look from June’s presentation. It’s also unclear if work is underway on another Forza Horizon game or if all hands are on deck at Playground on Fable for the time being.

Source: Video Games Chronicle

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