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Starfield Expansion ‘Shattered Space’ Launches Fall 2024

The upcoming Starfield story expansion titled Shattered Space is officially launching in fall 2024, Bethesda has confirmed. In addition to the anticipated expansion’s release window, Bethesda director Todd Howard also stated that a big update will be coming soon that includes more ship building and city map features.

Speaking in an interview with Kinda Funny Games yesterday, Todd Howard confirmed that the Shattered Space expansion for Starfield will launch sometime in fall 2024, pinning it for release between September and November this year. The expansion will be a major story DLC that expands the base game, though details are being kept under wraps for now. We’ll likely hear more about it in the coming weeks, possibly at an Xbox event in June.

Shattered Space is in the fall, but we have a big update that’s coming really soon for Starfield,” said Howard. “There’s a lot of stuff… we redid the map stuff, so we have some city map stuff.”

The Shattered Space expansion was first announced in September last year before Starfield‘s release. It will be available to players who purchased one of the game’s pricier editions, though it will possibly be sold separately too if you’re playing the game via Game Pass or only own the standard edition.

Meanwhile, with Fallout fever sweeping the gaming community after the launch of the TV show, Microsoft is reportedly looking at delegating the development duties of Fallout 5 to another studio as Bethesda Game Studios is currently working on The Elder Scrolls 6. Fallout 4 recently received its long-awaited next-gen update which is still riddled with bugs, glitches and is in desperate need of a few patches before it can be brought up to modern standards.

Starfield is available for Xbox Series X/S and PC. It’s also available to Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass subscribers.

Source: Kinda Funny Games

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