Palworld Four New Pals Location Summer

Palworld is Getting Four New Pals and a New Location This Summer

Developer Pocket Pair has announced that Palworld will receive four new Pals to befriend this summer in a big update alongside what appears to be a new location. Unfortunately the names of each of the four new Pals weren’t mentioned but looking at their designs, they’re definitely a step up in terms of originality that can’t be easily mistaken for Pokemon – well, for the most part.

Pocket Pair shared a new trailer for Palworld at the latest ID@Xbox showcase yesterday, revealing the four new Pals coming to the game this summer. They include a frog-like creature wearing karate attire; a royal chicken/peacock hybrid that can apparently cause earthquakes; a levitating psychic-type Pal; and finally, a dinosaur-looking creature with a mushroom head and tail. The trailer also shows the player character setting one of the Pals on fire with a flamethrower because it’s Palworld.

The trailer also shows what appears to be a new location featuring some sakura trees and giant mushroom plants, dotted with shrines around the environment. This is where we’ll likely find all of the new Pals to capture, train and befriend.

The summer update for Palworld will be followed up by another massive update later this year that adds a PvP mode called Pal Arena, which pits players against each other in Pal battles.

Palworld managed to surpass over 25 million players in its first month of early access earlier this year. It’s success has stirred rumours of Microsoft potentially acquiring Pocket Pair – something that the developer quickly shot down as it stated that there weren’t any acquisition discussions happening at the time.

Despite launching in early access, Palworld became a global sensation, not just for its similarities to other monster-catching games but also its unique blend of survival and crafting elements. While the player base has quieted down since then, new updates will probably bring more eyes to the game.

Check out the ID@Xbox showcase trailer below:

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