Final Fantasy 16 Story Finalised and English Voice Work Almost Complete

"Might skip TGS 2021"

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Final Fantasy 16 Story Finalised and English Voice Work Almost Complete

Square Enix is making good progress on the upcoming Final Fantasy 16 title. According to the game producer Naoki Yoshida, the game’s main story scenario is now “set in stone” and the English voiceovers are almost fully recorded.

While this is good news it also doesn’t surprise us much. Square Enix announced back in 2020 that the development team took a different approach to Final Fantasy 16. They focused on creating a less ambitious project in comparison to Final Fantasy XV when it comes to its engine and visuals. This was most likely in order to develop the game faster than the previous game.


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Unfortunately, while the game has progressed well, Square Enix may be forced to skip its appearance a the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2021. The event runs from 30 September to 3 October this year. It would be a miracle to get the game ready to showcase during the event. Square Enix themselves claim that they want to show gamers the project when it is ready and now spew out smaller updates at every moment they get.

When speaking during a Discord conversation, producer Yoshida said:

“We have all the scenarios set in stone already, and the voice recording for the English version is in its final stages. Development is going well. It’s quite difficult to make sure the quality is amazing. We want the next announcement to be something where everyone watches and says ‘I’m going to buy this game!’ Thus, we are putting a lot of effort to make sure the quality is great.

He continued:

“I want to show something at TGS, but I’m not sure if we will make that deadline. I don’t like throwing out bits to string people along with small updates, so I want to show it when it’s ready.”

Final Fantasy 16 is set to launch exclusively for PS5. Check out the announcement trailer down below.

Source: Twitter

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