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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – All Romance Options and Relationships

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is finally making wishes come true, at least where character relationships and romances are concerned. In the new RPG, Cloud has the option to build his relationship levels with party members, some of which could lead to potential romance. While there’s a long process of actually building those relationships, they can be done to strengthen your bonds with characters (and possibly give you the edge in combat). Here are all the available romance options and relationships in the game.

First and foremost, make sure you read our guide on how to raise and improve the relationship levels of your party members in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. This will give you in idea about which tasks to do in order to increase your bonds. However, this guide will briefly go over the possible romance and relationship options available to you.

Here are all the characters in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth that you can romance or build relationships with:

  • Tifa: Tifa can be romanced by building her relationship level throughout the game, as is the case for most characters. That means completing her quests, choosing the correct dialogue choices and utilising her in combat as often as possible. This will eventually lead to an intimate scene in the Gold Saucer date section towards Chapter 12.
  • Aerith: Aerith is another potential romance option that can be tackled once you build her relationship level. Again, complete her related quests as her partner and choose the right dialogue choices to ensure she’s the one you take on the Gold Saucer date to unlock her unique cutscene.
  • Barret: Barret’s relationship with Cloud never goes into full-blown romance territory but there are ways to, well, build your bromance with him that culminates in a great cutscene later on. Build your relationship level and hear his words.
  • Yuffie: Yuffie is another potential love interest (?), though the romance path isn’t as clear-cut as other characters on this list. Instead, you can strengthen your relationship with her by doing her quests and responding well to her dialogue choices to progress your bond throughout the game.
  • Red XIII: Yes, the goodest boy Red XIII is someone that Cloud can build their relationship with, though it’s not exactly a romance. As usual, complete his quests and lean into his dialogue choices to take this great friendship further.

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