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Final Fantasy XVI Confirms 60FPS Performance Mode on PS5

Final Fantasy XVI players will have the option to play the game in 60FPS performance mode on PS5 at launch in addition to its 4K quality mode. Square Enix recently confirmed the news at a PAX East panel, stating that players will need to sacrifice 4K if they wish to play the game in 60FPS.

As explained by Final Fantasy XVI producer Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida, the game will have both performance and quality modes on PS5 when it releases. Quality mode will hit 4K (2160p) resolution but with lower framerates while performance mode targets 60FPS at 1440p. Players will be able to switch between the two modes any time during gameplay.

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Given the action-heavy nature of Final Fantasy XVI‘s gameplay, most players will appreciate and probably opt for 60FPS. Quality mode will give players a better crisp resolution on 4K-supported TVs which will boost some of its awe-inspiring visuals and make the world of Valisthea pop (you can check out the latest trailer exploring the game’s world here). That said, I usually prefer to go for the extra frames, especially if combat is fast-paced in this case.

Square Enix also confirmed that Final Fantasy XVI will receive New Game Plus after you complete the main story, which is apparently harder than Devil May Cry 5.

Final Fantasy XVI appears to be a timed PS5 exclusive for now with promises of a PC port coming down the line. It’s unclear if the game will head to Xbox Series X/S after launch as well, though it’s unlikely since Sony greatly assisted in its development.

Beyond Final Fantasy XVI, Square Enix is also planning to launch Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the second part in a trilogy of Final Fantasy VII remakes, this Winter though we’re not sure if that means a December release or if it will carry over to early 2024.

Final Fantasy XVI launches on 22 June 2023 for PS5.

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