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Five Nights at Freddy’s Movie Sequel Officially Coming in 2025

A sequel to 2023’s live-action Five Nights at Freddy’s movie, based on the popular indie horror games from Scott Cawthon, is officially coming to cinemas in fall 2025. Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions made the announcement at CinemaCon this week, confirming that the story will continue – judging by the end of the first movie, it might centre around the franchise’s most iconic villain.

As reported by Variety, Universal and Blumhouse have confirmed that a sequel to Five Nights at Freddy’s is happening, though no release date was given other than a vague fall 2025 window. The first movie starred Josh Hutcherson as a night shift security guard who is tasked with watching over a rundown pizzeria. However, during the night, the pizzeria’s strange animatronics come to life and hunt down trespassers.

Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg regarding the extensive lore of Five Nights at Freddy’s. The sequel will have a lot of story content to pull from the games. Spoiler warning ahead: during the ending of the first movie, it’s revealed that William Afton (played by Matthew Lillard) was the serial killer who stuffed the dead bodies of children into the animatronics, causing them to become haunted. Afton’s fate is literally sealed when the springlocks in his costume, Spring Bonnie, malfunction and kill him inside the suit.

The nightmare doesn’t end there though, as Afton goes on to become Springtrap, a murderous hybrid-animatronic who is recognised by fans as the main villain of the franchise. It’s generally believed that the sequel will largely revolve around Springtrap, though it’s unclear if Lillard and Hutcherson will be making a return.

The first movie arrived last October to a mostly mixed reception by viewers and critics, with many criticising its lack of scares and tame story compared to the games. Despite the middling reviews, it still went on to earn over $200 million at the worldwide box office. On a budget of only $20 million, that’s considered a success and enough to greenlight a sequel.

Source: Variety

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