Palworld Pal Arena PvP Mode

Palworld is Getting ‘Pal Arena’ PvP Mode Later This Year

Developer Pocket Pair has announced that Palworld, its latest monster-collecting survival crafting game, will be getting a new PvP mode called ‘Pal Arena’ later this year. The mode was announced during the Triple-i Initiative showcase yesterday, where Pocket Pair teased the upcoming mode, though specific details weren’t mentioned.

Pal Arena will allow players to battle others online with their Pals – if that sounds familiar, it’s pretty much Pokemon Stadium, albeit with real people instead of AI. By training your Pals, you’ll be able to duke it out in an arena. “The Pal Arena makes its way to Palworld in 2024,” said Pocket Pair. “Battle against other players, pitting both yourself and your pals against them. Train the strongest Pals and defeat all your rivals!”

The idea of training monsters to compete in competitions isn’t exactly new, though those who have played Palworld and amassed a roster of strong critters might want to put them to the test against other players online. We’re cautiously optimistic about this one as Palworld has yet to leave early access, though more content is always welcomed. Pocket Pair says it’s seeking more developers for help as the studio is “severely understaffed.”

In our impressions of Palworld, we called the game a bit undercooked and unoriginal, though it still has plenty of potential and its addictive gameplay loop is the real draw:

“I was scepital about Palworld before I played it but in the end, it kind of won me over. It’s not the deepest survival crafting game nor the best monster-collector but everything just gels together so well, even if it does feel very derivative. Pocket Pair have delivered a game that absolutely has the potential to compete with its counterparts but there’s a long road ahead before it reaches the point of greatness.”

Palworld is now available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. It’s also available on Xbox Game Pass.

Source: Video Games Chronicle

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