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God of War Ragnarok is Around 40 Hours in Length

God of War Ragnarok is reportedly around 40 hours in length. This is the estimated playtime if players were to complete everything that the game offers, including side quests. However, the main story will take players roughly around 20 hours to beat, which puts it on par with 2018’s God of War in terms of length.

According to Insider Gaming, God of War Ragnarok‘s main story clocks in at 20 hours. However, around 3 and a half hours is dedicated to cinematics, meaning players will get about 16.5 hours of gameplay from the main quest. If you decide to tackle the game’s various side quests and content, the overall playtime will be bumped up to 40 hours.

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This is more or less similar to the length of 2018’s God of War. As revealed by How Long To Beat, the main story for the last game averaged at around 21 hours. Throw in the extra content and players would’ve gotten 33 hours out of the experience. For completionists who turned over every rock in the game and uncovered all of its secrets, this would take a total playtime of 51 hours. As a quick side note, these numbers don’t take into account the game’s cinematics.

God of War Ragnarok only launches in November and it’s arguably the most anticipated major video game release of the year. Players will surely like to know how much playtime they’ll be getting out of the experience, especially with Sony bumping up its price tag to $70. While the true value of a game isn’t always dictated by how long the experience is, it’s good to know that God of War Ragnarok will not be a short offering from Santa Monica Studio.

In related news, players can preload God of War Ragnarok starting on 2 November.

God of War Ragnarok releases on 9 November 2022 for PS4 and PS5.

Source: Insider Gaming

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