Harry Potter Quidditch Champions Announced Limited Playtests
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Harry Potter Quidditch Champions Gameplay Leaks Online

Harry Potter Quidditch Champions is currently undergoing a tightly closed beta. The beta is under NDA which means users who participate in the test aren’t allowed to share any gameplay or information on the experience whatsoever. But this is the internet and people just don’t care. As a result, 10 minutes of Harry Potter Quidditch Champions gameplay has leaked online.

For those who don’t know, Harry Potter Quidditch Champions is a PvP sports (if you want to call it that) game where users play Quidditch against other players. The game aims to bring the iconic magic activity in the Harry Potter series to life. If anything, it will add the experience to the market which was sorely lacking in Hogwarts Legacy.

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I won’t go into much detail on the leak because it is under NDA but thankfully, we haven’t agreed to anything. The gameplay shows off a series of matches and how they play out. Players seemingly start out being able to customize their character. There’s a series of different body types to choose from and cosmetic items to equip.

You can also choose to play as Harry Potter characters including Ron Weasley and Harry himself. The available characters are canonical to the series so you can’t play as people who didn’t participate in the sport.

Items such as brooms and wands can also be swapped around. There are no gameplay adjustments on these items rather they act as cosmetic features only. The customization feature is quite robust. It includes jerseys, glasses, broom trials and more. Items are also labelled as “rare” and “common” so you’ll likely earn these or purchase rarer ones with in-game currency (it is a WB Game so expect this to be monetized to death).

The general gameplay seems to follow the usual Quidditch match style. Depending on the role you pick at the start of the match depends on how you play the game. There’s a Keeper, Seeker, Chaser and Beater. You can also change your role at any time by the look of things.

The leaked gameplay shows off a bit of the Chaser as he passed the Quaffle to other players and quickly tried to make his way to the Quidditch Rings. There are multiple ways to pass the Quaffle too.

You’ll also need to dodge the Bludgers as they try to chase you down. It seems like players can fly through rings to build up a boost bar and use that to get the advantage. If you do get chased down, you have a split second to dodge the attack.

There’s also the Golden Snitch which flies around the field. Seekers fly around looking for it. There isn’t much gameplay shown in this role.

Apart from that, the leak does a decent job showcasing a match in Harry Potter Quidditch Champions. Warner Bros has been hard at work pulling the leaks down so be sure to watch this before it is gone. You can find the gameplay on Reddit here.

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