Street Fighter 6 Tournament Nude Chun-Li Mod

Street Fighter 6 Tournament Accidentally Streams Nude Chun-Li Mod

A recent Street Fighter 6 tournament accidentally streamed a nude mod of the character Chun-Li after the host seemingly forgot to disable it. The match was quickly taken down by the commentators when they noticed the odd “costume” change for the fighter, allowing the host to correct the problem. That didn’t stop the clip from spreading on social media like wildfire as the internet, as it does, chipped in with commentary.

The match for the Street Fighter 6 tournament started off well enough before it quickly became apparent that Chun-Li wasn’t wearing any clothes due to the host forgetting to disable a nude mod. The commentators were baffled for a few moments before trying to defuse the situation. “Yeah… that’s a very interesting Chun-Li costume there,” one commentator said. “It’s a new costume, recently released,” joked another commentator.

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Due to its rules around nudity, Twitch is likely to remove the stream from the platform. However, it might be a little too late as the clip is now available to watch across social media. We won’t be posting it here but it’s very easy to dig up.

Naturally, the internet and Street Fighter 6 community responded with their own golden takes on the event. “Ohhh that’s why people play this game?” wrote on Reddit commenter, while another responded, “I’ll admit, I came for the thighs, but now I stay for the gameplay.” Others were questioning when hosts will slip up again with nude mods for male characters, saying, “Only Chun-Li? Where are my bare naked men?”

In related news, Street Fighter 6 recently added Rashid as the game’s first DLC character. Capcom previously revealed the impressive sales figures for the game as it managed to sell around 1 million copies in just one week – a huge milestone for the series and fighting games in general.

Street Fighter 6 is currently available on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC

Source: GamesRadar

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