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Kojima Productions Moves Offices Prompting Strange Speculations

It seems like Hideo Kojima and his studio Kojima Productions can’t do anything without being the centre of speculation from fans. Kojima recently posted a tweet revealing that the studio is moving offices after five years, leaving behind the space where they developed Death Stranding.

“Today is the day we say goodbye to the entrance, the Ludens hallway, and the kitchen that have been our home for a little over five years,” said Kojima in his latest tweet. He posted a handful of photos of the office, including the famous bright Ludens hallway and more.

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If it were any other studio or creator, it would be seen as just a normal office move, but this is Kojima Productions and of course, many fans believe that there are wild reasons for this.

Hideo Kojima Productions Offices Speculation

Last year, the studio bolstered its size by putting out job listings for 25 new positions, including character artists, writers, project managers and more. This move could simply mean that they’re upsizing their studio to support the influx of new employees. On the contrary, they could also be downsizing if many employees have opted to work from home.

Speculation has run rampant online, including Kojima Productions moving offices to find a better space to work on an unannounced upcoming Sony-related project. Many believe this might be linked to Silent Hill, while others believe it has to do with the Death Stranding sequel that actor Norman Reedus accidentally leaked a while ago.

Either way, it’s likely that Kojima Productions are hard at work on their next project and simply need a better office space to work on it. Whether you subscribe to the idea that it’s a Sony or Microsoft project, it will probably be a while until we hear more about this mystery game.

Kojima has a history of trolling or otherwise delivering oddly cryptic and vague messages, so it’s no surprise that the internet has perhaps gone the extra mile to pad this office move announcement with speculation and theories.

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