Lords of the Fallen Dual Worlds Gameplay

Lords of the Fallen Shows Off Impressive Dual Worlds Gameplay

The new Lords of the Fallen game has received a brand new gameplay trailer at Future Games Show, highlighting the game’s dual worlds feature where players can seamlessly traverse two realms at will. Lords of the Fallen acts as a reboot to 2014’s game of the same name, drawing inspiration from the Soulslike formula to deliver a dark, gothic and brutally challenging action-RPG that veterans might feel right at home with.

The new extended gameplay trailer for Lords of the Fallen dives into some of the game’s features including the mortal world, Axiom, and the horror-filled world of Umbral. Both worlds act as sort of mirror dimensions of each other. Upon death in Axiom, players are resurrected in Umbral. However, you’ll also have to option to use a special lantern to travel the dual worlds, which comes at the cost of one of your two lives.

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Enemies in Umbral are terrifying adversaries and become increasingly difficult the more time you spend in the realm. The lantern can also be briefly used to highlight paths in Axiom that reveal the hellish landscapes of Umbral in front of you, as well as collect the souls of slain enemies to perform special, devastating attacks.

The rest of the gameplay for Lords of the Fallen focused on some of the boss encounters players will be up against in the game, including a towering deformed beast, a fallen knight and a dark armour-clad warrior. Gameplay, much like the Dark Souls series, focuses on methodical combat where you have to be mindful of your stats at all times. Enemies encountered in the game will provide players with plenty of challenge too, though that comes with the territory of being a Soulslike.

Lords of the Fallen launches on 13 October 2023 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Check out the brand new gameplay dive below:

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