You are going to need some hard drive space for the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game. According to early leaked copies of the upcoming superhero RPG, the game requires quite a hefty amount of storage space. While Square Enix has yet to confirm the game’s storage requirements, a leaked copy of the game claims it comes in at close to 100GB. The official Marvel’s Avengers file size is 90GB.

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The leak was spotted on the Avengers HUB twitter page. The account claims that early copies of the game have surfaced at certain retailers. On the Marvel’s Avengers game box, the file size requirement is listed at 90GB.

Keep in mind that this could be incorrect but we doubt it. It could also hint at the overall game size after upcoming DLC characters have been added to the experience. The Marvel’s Avengers beta file size sat at around 30GB and according to Square Enix, that represented a small fraction of the game. In addition, the beta excluded two heroes namely Captain America and Thor. Not to mention the dozens of missions and assets it left out too.

Right now, 90GB does not sound too bad for a game this big. Multiple playable characters, modes and not to mention the fancy cinematics which will carry the story throughout the experience. If anything, the game may grow past the 100GB mark as more content arrives.

Marvel’s Avengers releases on 4 September 2020 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Users who pre-order the deluxe edition are able to jump into the game as early as 1 September 2020. If you missed out on the beta, you can see what I thought about it here.

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