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Michael Jordan Announced as NBA 2K23 Cover Athlete

Michael Jordan is the official cover athlete of NBA 2K23, developer 2K Games announced. In addition to the legendary basketball star’s appearance on the cover of the game, NBA 2K23 will also see the return of the iconic Jordan Challenges to celebrate the legacy of Jordan. The game will release on consoles and PC on 9 September as well.

NBA 2K23‘s special editions will feature the Michael Jordan Edition alongside the limited Championship Edition. “After making 23 the most recognizable number in sports, it was only fitting that for NBA 2K23 we introduce the Michael Jordan Edition,” said Alfie Brody, vice president of global marketing strategy for the NBA 2K franchise.

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The standard edition’s cover star has yet to be revealed, though fans will likely gravitate towards the apt Michael Jordan Edition of NBA 2K23, which matches the legend’s signature 23 jersey number.

Michael Jordan NBA 2K23 Cover Athlete Edition

The pricing for each edition of NBA 2K23 has yet to be revealed, though we can probably expect similar pricing to last year’s release ($59.99/$69.99 depending on console generation, or $99.99 which will likely be the tag on the Michael Jordan Edition).

The Championship Edition is a brand new tier for the NBA 2K series as it encompasses the base game and an annual subscription to NBA League Pass, which gives fans access to watch every actual NBA game on TV. It already costs around $50 for an individual NBA League Pass, meaning we can probably expect a hefty price tag on the Championship Edition.

Finally, Jordan Challenges will make a return. The mode requires players to tackle ten challenges in order to recreate some of Jordan’s most defining moments from his career. NBA 2K23 will feature 15 challenges this time, all lifted from Jordan’s career with the Chicago Bulls and Team USA. NBA 2K11 was the last game in the series to feature Jordan Challenges, so its return is being welcomed with open arms by fans.

2K Games promises to have more information on NBA 2K23 soon.

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