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Netflix’s One Piece Stars Want Danny DeVito in Season 2

The dream casting choices for season 2 of the live-action One Piece series are slowly trickling in, though the stars of the show seem to have their own choice in mind. The second season might already feature Jamie Lee Curtis as Dr. Kureha but Iñaki Godoy and Jacob Romero, who play Monkey D. Luffy and Usopp on the Netflix show respectively, really want Danny DeVito added to the mix.

Speaking to Deadline recently, Romero and Godoy were asked who they’d like to see cast in season 2 of One Piece. Without hesitating, the actors mentioned Danny DeVito. “We would love to find a way to put Danny DeVito in One Piece somehow,” said Romero. Godoy added, “If you’re looking at this, Danny, please come to the show. We can do anything, man, you can be anyone you want. Just come here man! I really want to do anything with Danny DeVito.”

Many fans already pointed out that DeVito would suit the role of Wapol perfectly. For those that don’t know, Wapol is the main villain of the Drum Island arc where we meet Dr. Kureha as well as the next member of the Straw Hat Pirates, Tony Tony Chopper. I couldn’t think of a more perfect role for Danny DeVito. However, it remains to be seen if DeVito will show up. As of writing, Netflix has yet to begin the official casting for the second season so we’ll have to wait a little longer to find out.

The first season of the live-action One Piece was an unexpected surprise when it released last year. It received plenty of positive reviews from critics and fans, shooting up the charts to become Netflix’s most-watched television show worldwide during its release. Read our full review to find out our full thoughts on the season.

Source: Deadline

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