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Giancarlo Esposito Has Officially Joined The MCU

Breaking Bad and Far Cry 6 actor Giancarlo Esposito has officially joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe in an undisclosed role following rumours that he would be playing Professor X in an upcoming X-Men movie in the MCU. Esposito quickly debunked the rumours that he’d been cast as Professor X, leaving his role a mystery for now.

As reported by The Wrap, Giancarlo Esposito confirmed that he had joined the MCU while on stage at CCXP in Mexico City. The actor’s role wasn’t mentioned, though he stated that it’s “better than you can imagine.”

Esposito said that he won’t be playing Professor X, a role fans had championed for the actor to step into for years. However, his mystery role sounds pretty exciting nonetheless. Speaking more on the matter, he added, “I cannot promise you it’ll be Professor X, because here’s what I think. I think that there’s something about being original. We’ve seen different versions of Professor X. Wouldn’t you like to see me play a character in a Marvel movie who is original, and new, and fresh? So, mark my words: This will happen sooner than you think.”

Disney and Marvel Studios have gone back to the drawing board for the MCU after a string of critical and commercial failures since Avengers: Endgame. Deadpool and Wolverine will be the only MCU movie to release this year and Marvel Studios seems to be banking hard on it to reinvigorate interest in the dwindling cinematic universe.

In related news, reports surfaced back in November 2023 that claimed actor Javier Bardem was being eyed to play Galactus in the MCU, though we’ve had no updates since then.

Source: The Wrap

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