Dead Island 2 Sells 1 Million Copies First Weekend Dambuster Studios

New Dead Island 2 Content Teased as Player Count Surpasses 7 Million

Dambuster Studios has published a blog post celebrating the one-year anniversary of Dead Island 2, announcing that over the last 12-ish months over 7 million players have travelled to Hell-A – apparently taking down a whopping 24 billion zombies in total. Additionally, more content for the game has been teased.

“We have had well over 7 million players enter Hell-A and a brain melting 24 BILLION zombies slayed! These are simply mind boggling numbers! We were also truly honoured to be nominated for Best Action Game at The Game Awards last year, and more recently for Best British Game at the esteemed BAFTA’s,” the blog post states.

The studio also flat-out confirms that more updates are coming to the game in the near future, with some potentially highly anticipated additions in the pipeline:

“To all our slayers – we read and value all your comments and wishes for the future! In the following months we’ll share some exciting and long awaited new game updates, so stay tuned for more Dead Island 2 content to come!”

Dead Island 2 received two story expansions – Haus (which launched last November), and its most recent addition, SoLA (released on 17 April 2024). It’s unclear as to whether the promised updates mentioned in the blog post refer to more expansion-sized content or more gameplay adjustments on a smaller scale. My money would be on the latter.

After its initial 2014 announcement, and being passed from studio to studio over the course of over eight years in what could only be described as a troubled development cycle, Dead Island 2 finally saw the light of day on 21 April 2023 – greeted with a mostly positive critical reception. The PS5 version of the game currently sits at a score of 73 on Metacritic (based on 91 critic reviews), while the PC and Xbox Series X/S releases come in at a slightly higher 75 and 76 (26 and 36 critic reviews), respectively.

Source: Dambuster Studios

Written by Ryan Pretorius

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