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New Need For Speed Features Car Stealing and Comic Effects

EA Games is set to unveil the new Need for Speed soon. While the company has been tight-lip on the future of the series, various leaks have pointed to a new reboot taking place soon with an expected release by March 2023. The latest information dump comes from a source at EA who has detailed some of the mechanics in the new game. Keep in mind that this is a rumour so take it with a pinch of salt.

According to the leak, Need For Speed 2022 (don’t bank on a 2022 launch just yet) will feature comic book/cartoon effects in the game. When players are driving around and hit something, a “bang” sign would appear on their screen. The same thing happens when players spin their tyres or drift off. For example, when you spin off to drive away, there will be less smoke and instead, the smoke is replaced with cartoon smoke effects.

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It sounds quite cool on paper. These little comic book-styled pop-ups could make for a nice difference when racing around and banging into things. It will also give the game a lot of personality.

When it comes to stealing cars, Need For Speed 2022 features cars that players can steal around the map. However, some of these cars are actually trapped to try and catch your street gang. Once you steal it, loads of police cars appear and you’ll have to escape the high pursuit chase in order to bank the vehicle for yourself.

Crash cams also return in the game and according to the rumour, feature the same look from Need For Speed Most Wanted. There’s also a lot of customization in Need For Speed 2022 including a taunt horn that makes strange sounds when used. The game is reportedly got a similar design and style to Need No Limits.

If this rumour sounds a little wild then don’t worry. It might actually be true. Last year in December, alpha footage from an unreleased Need for Speed game leaked online and showcased the same comic footage mentioned above. Check it out below.

Source: Reddit

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