New PS5 Image Shows How Both Consoles “Float” While Horizontal
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The PS5 has been designed to float in the air. Well, to look as if it is floating in the air anyway. While we have yet to see the back of the console, Amazon uploaded a new image of both the all-digital and disc-drive console laying horizontally. By the looks of things, the console has been designed to float off the surface and elevate on the stand. In addition, it seems that no actual part of the console touches the surface when laying horizontally. The PlayStation 5 will just float above the shelf in style.

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The new image was found unlisted on Amazon’s website and shows how both versions of the console will look on your shelf. You can also see that even the disc model takes up very little more space than the model without the disc drive. Over on Reddit, users seem to prefer the look of the disc model when laying flat and the disc-less model while positioning the console standing up.

Ps5 PlayStation 5 Console

The image also reveals that the PS5 will require the verticle stand in order to position the console horizontally. Sony has not revealed whether or not the console will ship with the stand in the box, but it seems that it is a requirement for both positions so the company may do.

We know from past consoles that positioning the device vertically resulted in much better cooling. However, the PS5 might deliver optimal airflow while positioned horizontally due to it floating in the air. We have seen users created 3D printed PS4 stands in the past which helped elevate the console in the air to improve airflow. Sony claims the size of the PlayStation 5 is to help keep it cool so perhaps it won’t matter which way you put it.

What position do you prefer? Let us know down below.






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