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Nintendo Plans to Ship 10 Million Switch 2 Units Next Year – Report

Nintendo reportedly has big plans for its upcoming unannounced new hardware. According to a new report, the company plans on shipping over 10 million Switch 2 units next fiscal year. It will apparently be easier to find in stores during its launch year than PS5 and Xbox Series X/S which suffered with chip shortages brought about by the global pandemic. This news arrives shortly after the same source leaked that the console would feature an 8-inch LED display.

Bloomberg, which also reported about the Switch 2’s 8-inch LED screen, recently claimed that Nintendo plans to ship well over 10 million units of the new console within its fiscal year launch window. This makes sense as the Nintendo Switch launched in 2017 and managed to sell around 13 million units in its first year (per Statista). To keep up with the high demand, Nintendo is making sure it has more than enough consoles on the market and in retail stores so that fans won’t have to deal with similar headaches of securing PS5 and Xbox Series consoles when they first launched.

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At this rate, the Nintendo Switch successor is set to have a bigger launch than the original Switch considering the console and brand’s popularity growth over the past generation. Previous reports claim that it will be an iteration of the Switch’s hybrid console/handheld model. Since that model seemed to work very well for Nintendo, it makes sense why the company wouldn’t suddenly change or overhaul the design, especially if the plan is to include backwards compatibility.

This will also help players make a smoother transition to Nintendo’s new system since it won’t seem too unfamiliar, especially for those who got into Nintendo gaming through the Switch.

It’s hard to tell exactly how powerful the Switch 2 will be, though we can take a few good guesses. The console was reportedly secretly demoed at Gamescom and according to journalists who attended, it will feature NVIDIA DLSS upscaling technology, 12GB of RAM and power seemingly equivalent to PS5 and Xbox Series X, though no official specs have been leaked yet. The console was apparently shown running The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild at 1080p with a higher framerate, adding more fuel to the fire about backwards compatibility.

Source: Bloomberg

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