Showmax Users Unhappy About Missing Episodes, Lost Data and Rocky Migration

Showmax is currently rolling out its new rebranded app. What should be an exciting new adventure is turning out to be quite an unhappy one for South Africans. Users have taken to social media to express their dislike for the new Showmax and how the app has caused more issues than anything else. One of the biggest problems seems to be the missing data with the result of moving your account from one platform to the next.

The way Showmax has explained it, while the app is named the same and contains most of the same content, it is actually a “fresh start”. So in order to use the app, you’ll need to sign up for a whole new account. So if you had a full list of curated watch content on your profile before, that is now gone. Showmax has been unable to migrate any personal settings from one app to the other.

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Gone is your list of watched content, your currently-being-watched shows and movies too. When you sign up for the new app, you’ll need to create new profiles for every family member and they will all need to search for the shows and movies and try to remember which episodes they were on.

Responding to the outrage, Showmax says that the platform is a “fresh start” allowing users to “build a new watchlist and explore the platform to find your next favourite content”. It says “your beloved shows will be up and running on the New Showmax”. “Be up and running” here means after you spend time finding the content all over again.

Apart from that inconvenience, users have also complained that the new app isn’t available on most TVs in South Africa. Some users claim that their TV, which ran the app perfectly fine before, doesn’t have the new app available at all. One user shared a message from customer support regarding the issue in which Showmax told them to purchase a new TV or TV box to fix the issue.

On the official Showmax website, the list of compatible TVs and devices includes Samsung and LG TVs from 2016 onwards. However, users with Samsung TVs from 2021, which had the previous Showmax, say they can’t download the new app.

Keep in mind that the Showmax app doesn’t support any 4K content so the app shouldn’t be hardware-intensive. If a device or TV supports the previous app, the new app should work too.

Users have also complained about the new app being cumbersome to use. Many of them say that tabs don’t work and they can’t scroll down certain pages. Some users say the app is very slow and often crashes. There are also obvious missing features including the ability to watch a trailer of the content before deciding whether or not you’ll enjoy it.

Another problem, which is likely the worst of the bunch comes from missing TV shows and content. It seems that with the migration, some shows are missing full seasons and episodes. Users say that they will be enjoying a show only to have it skip two or three entire episodes because they aren’t available on the new Showmax.

Generally speaking, there are a lot of frustrated Showmax subscribers who are going through the worst time with the app. One user blames Showmax for “paying influencers to hype this nonsense” yet the platform doesn’t even work.

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  • Jack Crow 29 January 2024

    Showmax and DSTV Stream just plain SUCK. For 3 or 4 months after DSTV Now changed to DSTV Stream, my Xiaomi Android TV device could not download it as the app refused to work. DSTV supports excuse? Go buy a new device! Now the same happens with Showmax?! These guys can go stick their useless apps where the sun don’t shine. I’ll stick to Netflix thank you!

  • Jillian Samuels 30 January 2024

    I can’t watch my previous seasons that I have been watching 😩 I am so annoyed. Please sort this out.

  • Loki 31 January 2024

    Your observations on Showmax is correct.
    I am furious that they forced me to use the new App before it was ready.
    Apparently it will be ready by the 12th of February 2024.

  • Dipuo 6 February 2024

    Please fix everything that is being complained on we are not happy and everything mentioned in the above paragraphs is true.

  • Nandie 12 March 2024

    This new Showman sucks totally!!!!! Fix the app pronto please abeg!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zelda 5 May 2024

    I am very disappointed with the new showmax. I was watching season 2 of a series on the old app and with the new app season 2 of that series is completely gone. Only season 1 is there. Please fix this or else I will cancel my subscription. The new showmax is not at all what it used to be. I use to enjoy showmax!!

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