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One Piece Creator is Taking a Break to ‘Figure Out What The One Piece Is’

One Piece creator and manga author Eiichiro Oda says he’s taking a three-week break from the series to “figure out what the One Piece is” and also take some time to himself. The series has been ongoing for over two decades at this point with Oda committing to mostly consistent weekly chapters since then.

Eiichiro Oda recently published a message to the One Piece fanbase explaining that the manga will go on hiatus for three weeks. He begins by stating that he needs some time to himself, though it’s not a sign that he’s doing unwell (referring to plenty of manga authors who have developed health issues as a result of the stressful and demanding job). For most of April, the One Piece manga will take a break, only returning towards the end of next month.

Oda dropped a bit of a bombshell in the message as he claims that he needs to “figure out what the One Piece actually is”. Fans believe that Oda is simply trolling with that line, though it’s not surprising to consider that plans could inevitably change and maybe what was once the plan 20 years ago might be different today due to all the story developments and restructuring over the past few years.

There has been plenty of speculation since the show began about the true nature of the One Piece treasure left behind by the King of the Pirates, Gold Roger. The series has done a great job dropping hints and carefully veiled clues about it, becoming the subject of thousands of theories in the fanbase.

With One Piece nearing its conclusion, we suspect that Oda will return with a clear vision towards the end goal and finally give us answers to many long-standing questions in the story, including the truth about the One Piece treasure.

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