Outriders Could Be Coming to Xbox Game Pass
"But don't go cancelling your pre-order just yet"
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Outriders might be on its way to the Xbox Game Pass subscription service. The official social media channels for Xbox Game Pass began teasing the news by dropping some sneaky posts on its social media feeds.

For the most part, the teases sort of confirms that Square Enix and People Can Fly’s upcoming RPG might be available for free through the service. However, we just don’t know when yet.


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The Outriders Xbox Game Pass tease comes in the form of a tweet from the company that refers to an email from a “Melissa McGamepass.” The email asks if “anyone else has noticed a mysterious signal appearing in the distance lately”. Melissa follows up by asking if she is the “anomaly in its situation?”.

If you have played the Outriders demo, you would know that the game’s main story revolves around an anomaly that transforms the player (and other people) into powerful mutant weapons. In addition, the “signal” is also a big part of the game and is the so-called “only way” for the Outriders to escape Enoch. Both of these themes are teased in the email from Melissa McGamepass.

Keep in mind that this does not confirm an Outriders Xbox Game Pass release at this stage. However, the timing could mean that Square Enix does have plans to release the game on the service. Especially given how close the tease is to the 1 April 2021 release date.

If anything happens we will share an update. But don’t go cancel your Xbox pre-orders for Outriders just yet. Check out the animated trailer down below. If you have not played the Outriders demo, you can find out all about it here including what content it includes and how big the game is.

Source: Twitter






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