Marvel Rivals Character Roster Details Leaked
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Overwatch-Inspired ‘Marvel Rivals’ Roster and Details Leaked

Yesterday, Marvel Games began teasing a new game announcement which appeared to feature its roster of famous comic book characters. Thanks to leaks, we now know this game as Marvel Rivals, an Overwatch-style squad-based multiplayer game that is set to have its big reveal later today. Ahead of the official announcement, more leaks have surfaced revealing the character roster as well as new details.

The leaks first began when trusted insider Kurakasis took to Twitter/X to leak Marvel Rivals, an upcoming superhero-centric game featuring characters from Marvel comics. Marvel Games posted a teaser yesterday confirming that an announcement would happen later today, though new leaks have already shed light on various details about the game’s nature as well as its roster of comic book heroes.

According to the leaker, Marvel Rivals is being developed by NetEase Games and is a AAA multiplayer third-person action game set in the Marvel universe, taking a lot of inspiration from Overwatch. Right now, there are apparently only a handful of game modes that they know of: Escort, King of the Hill and a ‘Hybrid’ mode like in Overwatch, with one of the maps being Odin’s Vault. Environmental destruction is also reportedly a big part of the game.

It will also reportedly feature 6v6 ‘Overwatch-styled’ matches. Kurakasis goes on to claim that it’s still in pre-alpha and that they haven’t heard anything about mobile and console versions apart from PC, though sources had apparently contacted the leaker talking about console versions being on the table. The art style will be similar to Valorant, taking a polygonal approach to the character designs.

As for the characters, it seemingly features familiar Marvel names like Iron Man, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Black Panther and many others. Characters are divided into tank, damage and healer classes as well, drawing further connections to Overwatch.

We won’t be posting the image of the leaked character roster here but Twitter/X user PizzaLord already has it up to check out.

The full reveal of Marvel Rivals is set to take place later today at 5PM CAT so stay tuned.

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