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Quantic Dream PS4 Tech Demo Reportedly Coming to PS5 as “Dreamland”

Quantic Dream is reportedly planning on releasing its PS4 tech demo as an interactive story on PS5. For those who don’t remember, back when the PS4 was announced, Quantic Dream showcased a fantasy tech demo during the showcase event. This tech demo was called “The Dark Sorcerer”.

In the 12-minute tech demo, a wizard was seen casting dark magic. The demo showcased some incredible particle systems, facial animations and of course, texture work. For example, the wizard’s face included skin pores, sub-surface scattering and other high-end rendering techniques.

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At the end of the clip, the tech demo then turned into a comedy skit as it was revealed that the wizard was actually on a film set acting in a role for the character. Quantic Dream has a history of turning its tech demos into games. We saw this with Detroit: Become Human which also began as a demo called “Kara”.

According to Twitter user @accngt, who is a somewhat reliable source of information, Quantic Dream is working on turning The Dark Sorcerer into a fully playable game. The game is codenamed “Dreamland” at the moment and is being written by David Cage.

The game will reportedly follow the same humour as the 2013 E3 tech demo. It is in development for PlayStation, Xbox and PC and features more advanced tech than the upcoming Star Wars Eclipse. Keep in mind that we don’t know much about the new Star Wars game so it is hard to compare the two.

It is also important to note that a few weeks back we also heard reports that Quantic Dream was working on an RPG game. By the sound of things, this new tech demo might be this new game.

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