Red Dead Redemption PS4 Nintendo Switch Port

Red Dead Redemption Fans Criticise ‘Disappointing’ PS4 and Switch Port

Rockstar Games recently revealed that Red Dead Redemption will be coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch but it’s not the remake or remaster fans were expecting, especially after anticipation was built up through old rumours. Instead, it seems to be nothing more than a last-gen port of the game with no native PS5 version and a substantial lack of features. Fans have now taken to social media to criticise the shoddy re-release.

To catch you up on what recently got announced, Rockstar Games revealed that it’s finally bringing the first Red Dead Redemption to PS4 and Switch digitally on 17 August, with a physical release planned for 13 October. Xbox players can already access the game via backward compatibility, though a PC version is also notably absent from the platform list.

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This re-release of Red Dead Redemption is not a remake or remaster and doesn’t include a native PS5 version of the game. It will also contain the Undead Nightmare DLC. Rockstar Games hasn’t outright confirmed if it will support 60FPS, leading many to believe that it will run at its original 30FPS. Multiplayer will not be included. Rockstar and publisher Take-Two Interactive are charging $50 for the re-release. Needless to say, it doesn’t seem like any remastering work was done on the game at all.

Fans understandably weren’t too happy about the news. “My expectations were low but Jesus Christ,” wrote one fan under Twitter user Pyo’s re-post. “How did they make the happiest moment of my life the saddest?” wrote another. One fan pointed out Rockstar’s reputation as a AAA developer failing to live up to its name. “Rockstar is a AAA studio that drops AAA games. This is embarrassing though. $50 for this nahhh,” wrote the user. “Straight cash grab. We all wanted a PS5 remake.”

The announcement trailer on YouTube currently has a 78K dislike to 31K like ratio. Others seem to believe that a remaster or remake is actually on its way some time next year while this is simply just another port.

Either way, the internet has not responded kindly to the announcement. If you’re eager on picking up the port of Red Dead Redemption, it will become available digitally on PS4 and Nintendo Switch on 17 August. A physical release is planned for 13 October 2023. Check out the trailer below:

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