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Rise of the Ronin Story Detailed in New Behind The Scenes Video

Developer Team Ninja has released a new behind the scenes video for its upcoming open world action-RPG, Rise of the Ronin. The footage interviews several developers working on the project who broke down the game’s story and what we can expect from the narrative journey of the main character.

The story of Rise of the Ronin is loosely based on real-life history, set in the 19th century during the end of Japan’s Edo period. “See the story unfold in different ways depending on the choices you make and the characters you ally with along the way,” reads the description from PlayStation. “Face critical mission decisions and shape the course of history through a rich multi-choice system.”

Team Ninja puts a great emphasis on how your decisions can shape the story in the game, whether you choose to ally with certain factions or take different approaches to allegiances. Unlike Nioh or Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty which mostly favoured combat and action over storytelling, Rise of the Ronin leans into the role-playing aspects to give players a rich narrative journey. The clash of Eastern and Western ideologies will also be quite interesting to explore.

Team Ninja recently revealed the review embargo for Rise of the Ronin as well as how much space you’ll need to download the game. If you’re an achievement hunter, the full trophy list has also been revealed which details some of the game’s other features (light spoiler alert).

Rise of the Ronin launches on 22 March 2024 exclusively for PS5. Make sure you also check out our guide on everything you need to know about the game before its release. Watch the behind the scenes video below:

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