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Starfield Might Be Getting a New Release Date Soon

Bethesda Game Studios previously announced that it would delaying its anticipated space-faring RPG, Starfield, from its planned November 2022 release date to early 2023. So far, we’ve only had that release window to go on, but it looks like a new release date announcement is imminent. According to recent updates on the game’s Steam page, Bethesda has added some content while updating its release schedule.

As spotted by Reddit, the Steam page for Starfield was recently updated with a new package that’s likely to be either season pass or deluxe edition content. This was also the first update since May/June, indicating that things are quietly happening behind the scenes at Bethesda regarding Starfield‘s new release date. Additionally, another Steam page update revealed that the release date was changed from 2023 to 29 December 2023.

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Of course, we wouldn’t expect Starfield to launch so late next year, especially considering that it was originally meant to release a couple of months from now. This is very likely a placeholder date until Bethesda Game Studios can offer a proper release date.

As for where we can expect this new release date announcement to happen, fans have put forth the idea of seeing Starfield again at the upcoming The Game Awards event. It’s also possible that Xbox could host its own dedicated showcase shortly before that, but given Microsoft’s healthy relationship with The Game Awards, it’s a safe bet to assume that it will show up at Geoff Keighley’s awards-giving ceremony this December.

Starfield might not be pushed beyond March 2023 given the fiscal year calendar ending on that month, so expect either a February or March launch. We can’t rule out the possibility that it might be released in April or May as well, especially if it wants to sidestep the busy first three months of 2023. This also gives Bethesda and Xbox plenty of time to push the marketing for Starfield, which has been a bit stagnant following its delay.

Starfield is expected to launch in early 2023 for Xbox Series X/S and PC. It will also arrive day one on Xbox Game Pass.

Source: Reddit

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