Stellar Blade Pre-Order Guide to Incentives and Digital Deluxe Edition

Stellar Blade is now available for pre-order. The upcoming action game is set to launch on 26 April exclusively for PS5. By the look of things, Stellar Blade will be one of Sony’s big hitters this year. The game follows Eve as she explores a desolate Earth which has been abandoned by humanity after they fled to a Colony in space.

Earth has been taken over by beings known as Na:tive which are mutated creatures hellbent on multiplying and taking over the planet. Eve sets off to take down the Na:tive by killing the leaders one by one. However, Eve isn’t your typical hero, she is nimble and well-trained in combat. She prefers to unleash graceful, yet devastatingly brutal attacks against her enemies using powerful weaponry.

Become immersed in a highly detailed post-apocalyptic world that blends beauty and horror to spectacular effect. Explore breath-taking science fiction-inspired environments as the characters and creations of renowned Korean artist and Shift Up studio director Kim Hyung Tae are brought to life, via the graphical power of PlayStation 5.

Stellar Blade is launching in two versions. There’s the Standard Edition and the Digital Deluxe Edition. You’ll also be able to pick up the physical version at retail too.

All Stellar Blade versions come with the pre-order incentive bonus pack which includes the Planet Diving outfit, Classic Round Glasses and Ear Armor Earrings.

The Stellar Blade Digital Deluxe Edition includes extra cosmetic items including the Stargazer Pack. This pack comes with Stargazer suits for Eve, Adam and Lily. There’s also 5,000 in-game gold currency, a Stargazer skin for the drone, and extra earnings and glasses for Eve.

Stellar Blade Pre-Order Guide

Stellar Blade Pre-Order Incentives

  • Planet Diving Suit for Eve
  • Classic Round Glasses for Eve
  • Ear Armor Earrings for Eve

Stellar Blade Standard Edition

Stellar Blade PS5 Release Date Pre-Order Editions 1

  • Stellar Blade Pre-Order Incentives
  • Stellar Blade Game (digital or physical)
  • Pre-order
    • PlayStation Store – R1,499
    • Retail @ Nexus Hub – R1,399

Stellar Blade Digital Deluxe Edition

Stellar Blade PS5 Release Date Pre-Order Editions

  • Stellar Blade Pre-Order Incentives
  • Digital Deluxe Edition Content
    • Stargazer Suit for Eve
    • Stargazer Wear for Adam
    • Stargazer Coat for Lily
    • Half-Rim Glasses for Eve
    • Quadruple Rectangle Earrings for Eve
    • Stargazer Pack for the Drone
    • 2,000 SP EXP
    • 5,000 Gold
  • Stellar Blade Game (digital)
  • Pre-order
    • PlayStation Store – R1,699

Not sure if Stellar Blade is your thing yet? Catch up on the gameplay overview trailer below:

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  • Nico Darian 7 February 2024

    I don’t even have a Playstation, but I’m absolutely buying deluxe to support the based devs, I don’t want sweetbaby Inc’s DEI crap, screw ESG, I just want sexy fun, no lectures..this has to supported for being strong, and not bowing to evil..

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