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Sungrow 3-Phase Hybrid Inverter Launches in South Africa as Company Pushes Game-Changing Energy Solutions

Sungrow has launched its 3-phase inverter and battery solution in South Africa which adds a new model to its already-existing lineup of solar hybrid energy systems. The company is aggressively tackling residential solar power solutions and the latest inverter aims to make a statement in the competitive market.

Sungrow has already offered a 6kW and 10 Kw option for residential complexes in the form of its single-phase inverters. The new 3-phase mode increases this to 15 kW, 20 Kw and 25 kW. The 3-phase model is built for larger homes and for those who want to power almost everything off the grid. However, three-phase is also enough to power small businesses so Sungrow isn’t stopping at just homes. Keep in mind that Sungrow already offers high-end corporate solutions for large-scale energy users. But this 3-phase is an incredibly versatile option too.

Sungrow hopes that customers can see the return on their investment of moving to solar within three to four years. The company believes that investing in solar has never been cheaper. For example, converting your home to solar back in 2018 would only see a return on investment within 6-8 years. Now, on the other hand, South Africans can see the investment within 3-4 years.

Sungrow 3-Phase

The new three-phase system can be upgraded to string up to eight inverters together with 32 batteries. This is an impressive installation and is, of course, for those heavy energy users. But the system goes to show what is possible.

The new three-phase inverter is backed by Sungrow’s battery solutions which are expandable and stackable to your needs. These batteries boast a 100% depth of discharge (DOD) and a capacity of 6000 cycles. The company says this is an industry leader compared to 80% and 4000 cycles across other brands.

Sungrow also boasts various advantages that the company hopes will make its products more attractive to customers. Its solar panels include the patented PID technology. PID stands for Potential Induced Degradation Zero Technology. Sungrow says this allows the solar panels to send a negative feed to your panels during the evening when they aren’t drawing power. As a result, they are “healed” restoring them from degradation.

The system also comes with a “no repair, only replacement” after-sales service. This means Sungrow does not repair any devices. Instead, the company replaces them. There’s also the 10ms change over time when the grid fails (or kicks into loadshedding) offering zero disruption to your power.

Sungrow 3-Phase

Sungrow also pushes the iSolar App which gives users an overview of their system and lets them optimize their solar energy use depending on what is drawing from the panels. The app also refreshes stats every 10 seconds providing accurate information as often as possible.

But Sungrow isn’t stopping there. The company has partnered with various solar installers in South Africa to offer products to customers both residential and corporate. Sungrow is currently installing a massive solar setup at the Eastgate Shopping Centre that has a capacity of 5.74MW.

The company is also working with locals to help develop knowledge and skills in solar power technology through a graduate course. As a result, people can upskill themselves on the tech and hopefully grow their businesses and apply for work across various industries.

Sungrow is also eyeing the electrical vehicle industry in South Africa as the next big opportunity for investment. It looks like the company might be sticking around.

If you’re interested in these products, you can find them on the Sungrow website. Pricing all depends on your KVa and installation needs.

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