Terminator is Getting its Own Open World Survival Game

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Terminator Survival Project
Terminator is Getting its Own Open World Survival Game

Terminator is back and this time he’s surviving in an open world. Nacon has announced a new project called the Terminator Survival Project which is obviously a working title for the game. It is set in the Terminator universe and aims to deliver open-world survival elements all based on the iconic series.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information to go on at the moment. The trailer is a teaser video that starts off with a warehouse floor and a pair of glasses on the floor. These glasses seemingly belong to Sarah Connor. A door then opens and a shadowy figure approaches before flames spin up from the background. This is, of course, a Terminator. That’s about all we get to see.

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The idea of a Terminator survival game sounds great though. The series is set in a post-apocalyptic future where machines are at war with mankind. It spawned multiple movies and countless comic books, toys and other spin-offs. To be able to explore a world while dodging killer robots, making weapons and well, and surviving might just all work together.

Again, we don’t know much about the game yet so it is too early to tell how this is going to play out. There’s no release window but we do know that this Terminator Survival Project is set to launch on PC and certain consoles (didn’t mention which ones) in the future. Here’s the trailer below:

Just a tease for the future, but if you couldn’t tell, we’re big fans of 80’s movies, and our team at Nacon Studio Milan is working on the first survival game set in the Terminator universe. We can’t say much more for now, but this is definitely something to keep your eyes on.

Source: YouTube

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