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The Division 3 Reportedly Not in Development at Ubisoft

Despite The Division 2 receiving mostly positive reviews and selling over 10 million units, a new report claims that The Division 3 is not in active development at Ubisoft Massive. However, the next major update for The Division 2 is still set to arrive soon though might be a bit behind schedule due to game-breaking bugs being smoothed out.

According to Insider Gaming’s sources close to Ubisoft, the company is currently not working on The Division 3. Work is still happening on The Division 2, though, as the game is now in the middle of Season 10, called Price of Power, which adds a Legendary difficulty for several strongholds and a new endgame mode called Countdown.

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The biggest reason why developer Ubisoft Massive might not be moving forward with The Division 3 is due to the studio’s untitled Star Wars project, which was confirmed way back in January 2021. It’s assumed that most of the core development team that worked on The Division series has now moved over to work on the Star Wars game, leaving little room for work to begin on a sequel to The Division 2.

Rumours surfaced last month that claimed Ubisoft Massive’s Star Wars game would feature a seamless open universe similar to No Man’s Sky. Players will apparently be able to create their own character and journey across a lengthy campaign set in a galaxy far, far away. Early impressions of the game seem to indicate that it might rival Bethesda’s Starfield in terms of scope and ambition.

It’s unclear when Ubisoft Massive might showcase this untitled Star Wars game. If development only began a couple of years ago, it’s a safe bet to assume that we’ll be waiting a few more years before anything can be shown off to the public. On the other hand, it’s good that The Division 2 fans can rest easy knowing that the developer will continue to support the game with future updates for now.

Source: Insider Gaming

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