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The Division Heartland Gameplay Leaks Online – Battle Pass, in-Game Store Confirmed

Ubisoft is trying very hard to rid the internet of a whopping 20 minutes of The Division Heartland gameplay that leaked online over the weekend. The game, which was announced only last week, is set to release sometime in late 2021/early 2022 and follows a free-to-play model. No one expected The Division Heartland gameplay to leak, seen as Ubisoft did not even release a screenshot during the initial announcement. However, someone out there broke their agreement.

The gameplay that is currently circling the internet tasks places in a small American town called Silver Creek. By the look of things, the game follows the traditional The Division gameplay including a third-person camera perspective, lots of loot and the use of the series’ cover system.


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During the gameplay video, we get a glimpse of the areas players can explore, the enemies they will takedown and the loot they will find while exploring and killing these baddies. There’s also a message from lead game designer Taylor Epperly asking players who participated in the closed alpha test to avoid sharing any information… How’s that working out for you?

The game obviously still needs some work. The net code seems to be a bit messy with a high ping count affecting the damage enemies are taking. However, interesting enough, the gameplay also showcases the in-game menu in which we can now confirm that The Division Heartland will include both a battle pass system and an in-game storefront.

There also seems to be two currencies available. One is silver that is used to purchase items and the other a gold currency. It is unclear yet whether these items provide better stats are they are simply cosmetics. As for the battle pass, according to the video in-game, it contains currency that players can earn. This currency is then used to purchase items from the shop. The official tutorial for The Division Heartland battle pass reads:

With the battle pass, agents earn exciting cosmetic items by completing challenges or by simply playing the game normally. Rewards include go bags, melee weapons, masks, charms and more. Level your battle pass to earn in-game credits to for use in the store. All store items unlocked in the Closed Alpha will be waitig for you in future tests and when the game gos live.

Ubisoft is calling this a “choice-based battle pass” so perhaps players will be able to decide what they want to unlock while they level up.

The Division Heartland is not looking that bad in the gameplay. Sure, the video quality is quite low but the overall loot system and gunplay seem fun. Let’s just hope Ubisoft does not make this one expensive free-to-play game. Check out the gameplay down below before Ubisoft takes it down.

Source: YouTube

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