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There is an Elder Scrolls VI Map in The Starfield Trailer

Bethesda hid a tiny Elder Scrolls VI Easter Egg in the latest Starfield reveal trailer and you are going to need some really good eyes to see it. Over on Reddit, a user noticed a small etching in the side of a panel during the Starfield trailer that released during the Xbox Showcase event. While at first glimpse this mark may simply look like a scratch, it is actually a lot more.

Upon further investigation, the user managed to make out that the marking, while being a scratch in the metal plating, is actually an image reference that looks weirdly familiar to the islands of High Rock in the Elder Scrolls video game. Believe it or not, but the scratch is an Elder Scrolls VI High Rock map that directly illustrates the landform of High Rock and Iliac Bay in the next game.


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Bethesda has yet to announce the official setting for the next Elder Scrolls VI game but the teaser trailer released all those years ago did hint at a High Rock-based story. This Starfield Easter Egg further adds proof to the pudding that when players finally get their hands on the upcoming RPG, we are going to explore the islands and set sail across Iliac Bay.

The Elder Scroll VI Starfield The Elder Scroll VI Starfield

Of course, this small Easter Egg is just a tiny (literal) hint of things to come. Bethesda’s focus right now is on the upcoming Starfield game which is set to release 11 November 2022. However, that does not mean we won’t see and hear anything about The Elder Scrolls VI in the coming months. This reference definitely gives us hope that the next instalment in the series is going to be set in High Rock and given that we have yet to explore this land fully, it may offer a refreshing new experience for players. Here is a close up of the scratch.

The Elder Scroll VI Starfield

Of course, this could also be simply a coincidence. The fact that someone directly textured in that scratch to make it look exactly like The Elder Scrolls VI High Rock map just to troll the community.. I don’t know. It all seems like a hint of things to come.

Source: Reddit

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