This Resident Evil Village Chris Redfield Nude Mod Makes Him Very Naked
"Chris is very happy to see you"
Resident Evil Chris Redfield Nude Mod
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Gamers are quite obsessed with both Chris Redfield and Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village. We have already seen a Lady Dimitrescu nude mod that strips the tall lady of all her clothes and replaces the model with a nude version. Just when you thought it could not get any crazier, along comes a Chris Redfield nude mod that makes the hunky character very naked.

Keep in mind that these Resident Evil Village nude mods fall under adult content so please don’t proceed with caution. While I have censored out any nudity here, if you go looking for this Chris Redfield nude mod, expect to see more than just a bare chest. 


Resident Evil Village Lady Dimitrescu Nude Mod Now Available

Chris Redfield Nude Mod

Dubbed as the “Naked Chris Erect” mod on Nexus Mods, this Resident Evil Village Chris Redfield nude mod is a lot to look at. Not only does Chris walk around with no clothes on, which is a major health risk given how cold the village is, he also has a massive hard-on.

By the look of things, this stiffy does not go away either. During every scene with the character, he is seen stark naked and very happy to see Ethan Winters. According to the creator, the Chris Redfield nude mod is based on the Resident Evil 3 Remake Nude Carlos Mod. I thought I had seen that tooch before.

Resident Evil Chris Redfield Nude Mod

But if Chris Redfield’s trouser snake staring at you in every scene is a problem then thankfully there are other not-so-nude mods available for you. You can dress him up in the original Resident Evil Revelations 1 sailor outfit here. There’s also Chris Redfield looking mighty fine in a pair of BSAA briefs here. You see, there are safer options.

If you do want to install, or just look at the Chris Redfield nude erect mod (I won’t judge), then you’ll need to head over Nexus Mods and create an account. These fully nude mods are locked behind an adult filter so you will need to change the preferences on your profile in order to view it. Once you have your account you can find the mod here.






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