Valve Introduces Skill Groups for CS: GO Danger Zone
CS: GO Danger Zone
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With the CS: GO anniversary celebrations coming to an end earlier this month, Valve got back to releasing updates for the game, with the first one in a while removing the classic Dust 2 and making multiple welcome changes to the Workout map. The latest CS: GO update, however, focuses on the Battle Royale mode Danger Zone.

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Personally, I don’t care much for Danger Zone and would rather get updates for the base competitive game, but here we are. The latest CS: GO update introduces Skill Groups to Valve’s take on Battle Royale. These Skill Groups will allow players to rise through the ranks, but players of all skill levels will still be matched with each other.

Valve explains the skill groups in a new CS: GO blog post:

The time has come for you to put your Danger Zone skills on display–Danger Zone now has skill groups!


Your skill group will be visible in the main menu and as a spectator after your match has concluded. Your skill group is a mark of your recent performance, and players of all skill groups can participate in matches together.


Ready to rise through the ranks? You’ll need to go on a hot streak if you want to get to the top!

Check out the 12 Danger Zone Skill Groups now in CS: GO below.

CS: GO Danger Zone Skill Groups

This could give players more incentive to play the Danger Zone mode but I don’t think it is enough. Sure, it might be a good idea to let players of all skill groups still play together, especially if there aren’t that many Danger Zone players anymore.

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What do you of the skill groups being added to the mode? Let us know in the comment section below.






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