Valve Removes All Dota 2 XP Talents and Adjusts Outpost Times

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Valve Removes All Dota 2 XP Talents and Adjusts Outpost Times

After the massive update that introduced two new heroes, changed the map, introduced outposts and much more, it felt like Dota 3 and with all these changes, came a new, extremely fast-paced meta that is more objective-based than anything we’ve seen before. Outposts in Dota 2 just feel like too much of an advantage, especially when combined with heroes that have XP talents. Now, Valve has removed Dota 2 XP talents from the game entirely and made adjustments to Outpost timings.

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The latest update (7.23e) from Valve sees 28 heroes who had XP talents get some new ones in their place and Snapfire also got some adjustments (nerfs) to her skills. You can check out the full update notes here.

The Snapfire changes include the following:

  • Lil’ Shredder damage per shot reduced from 40/55/70/85 to 35/50/65/80
  • Mortimer Kisses movement slow reduced from 25% to 15/20/25%

In terms of Outposts for Dota 2, they now grant XP every 10 minutes (a big change from 5 minutes) and Valve also did the following:

  • Removed the two non-Roshan Shrines (initial delay from 5 to 7 minutes, cooldown from 5 to 4)

These are some massive changes but it remains to be seen if this will be enough of a change to slow the game down. At the moment, it still feels as if Outposts are a bit too important in the game, but we will have to see if Valve further makes adjustments before the first Minor and Major of 2020, which isn’t too far off and will be a great benchmark to see how the pros handle all the changes.

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What do you think about Valve removing all Dota 2 XP talents from the game in the latest update? Let us know in the comment section below.

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