WB Montreal Damian Wayne Game Cancelled Leaks

WB Montreal’s Damian Wayne Game Wasn’t Cancelled Due to Leaks

Over the last few days, reports circulated online that WB Montreal, the studio behind Gotham Knights, had cancelled its Damian Wayne game which was reportedly in development. The rumours originated from voice actor Josh Keaton, who was set to play the main character. Keaton’s statement claims that leaks had “killed the project”, leading many to speculate that it was quietly cancelled. However, Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier says it wasn’t leaks that ultimately killed the game.

Keaton took to a recent livestream on Twitch, explaining that he had done around 3-4 sessions of recording for the part of Damian Wayne before WB Montreal seemingly pulled the plug on the project (via IGN). The actor added that the game was not going to be part of the Arkhamverse or tied to Rocksteady’s Batman/Suicide Squad games. Fans believe that Damian Wayne’s game would’ve been part of the separate universe established in Gotham Knights instead.

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Speaking on the supposed cancellation of the Damian Wayne game, Keaton stated:

“It was a bummer. But they leaked everything, the whole plotline, not only the enemies and villains and the rogues gallery, but also the concept art for them. They were doing such a different take on so many of the rogues gallery it gave away everything that was different about the game. So, it kinda sucked. The leaks killed the project. The leaks totally killed the project.”

Several media outlets quickly reported that the game had been cancelled because of the leaks, though journalist Jason Schreier claims there was another reason entirely. One commenter speculated that its cancellation was due to the underwhelming reception of Gotham Knights, though Schreier also denied that, claiming that it was in development (and presumably canned) before Gotham Knights.

The Bloomberg journalist says he’ll have more information to share about what really happened to the game soon.

Damian Wayne is canonically the biological son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul. In his comic book publication history, he picked up the mantle of Robin, though he was known for being a lot more unpredictable with violent tendencies than any other Robin. It would’ve been interesting to explore the character in his own video game, though that might never happen at this point.

Source: Jason Schreier

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