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17-Year Old Suspect Behind GTA 6 Leak Charged by UK Police

Last week, one of the largest leaks in video game history occurred when an anonymous user posted over an hour of development footage for Grand Theft Auto 6 on the GTA Forums website, claiming to have acquired the assets from an internal Slack channel at Rockstar Games. A 17-year old suspect, who is believed to be behind the GTA 6 leak, has now been arrested and charged by UK police.

As reported by Video Games Chronicle, a 17-year old was arrested in Oxfordshire last week Thursday on suspicion of hacking Rockstar Games as well as Uber. The suspect has now been charged with two counts of breach of bail conditions and two counts of computer misuse.

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The suspect is believed to be part of Lapsus$, a hacking group that was extremely active over the last year. The group is allegedly behind several technology company breaches including Microsoft, Nvidia, Vodaphone, Ubisoft, Samsung and more.

Journalist Matthew Keys reported that the suspect – allegedly responsible for the GTA 6 leak as well as the Uber security breach, simply going by the name ‘A.K.’ – was arrested when federal law enforcement officials in the United States worked with their UK counterparts to apprehend the teenager.

“A law enforcement source said at least two other people are believed to be involved in the attack against Rockstar and Uber, and additional arrests are expected,” cited Keys’ sources.

While it’s not exactly confirmed that the hacker did breach both Rockstar and Uber, despite the suspect claiming so, a statement released by Uber last week acknowledged the potential link.

The suspect apparently appeared in Highbury Corner Youth Court on Saturday, 24 September, though no information has been released online regarding this yet.

Rockstar Games released an official statement in the wake of the leaks, stating that development will still continue on GTA 6 and it will not have any long-term consequences, including delaying the game.

Source: Video Games Chronicle

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