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Arkane’s Redfall Confirmed as a Looter Shooter as Gameplay Leaks Online

Redfall was announced back in June during the Xbox E3 showcase event. However, the CG trailer didn’t do much to explain what the game actually is. You know, as CG trailers often do – nothing. Thanks to a recent playtest which has leaked online, we now know what players will be doing in Redfall. By the sound of things, Redfall is actually a looter shooter and the leaked screenshots reveal a deep loadout system and gear players will obtain throughout the game.

Redfall features five tiers of rarity when it comes to the gear. High-end weapons seem to be locked behind your level and there’s an in-game item shop where players can purchase new gear from. Players can scrap spare weapons for materials and use this “Scrap” to spend at the item shop. The general gameplay loop has been described as “very similar to Borderlands” according to the leaker.

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The weapons in Redfall are also quite extreme, in a good way of course. There’s a triple-barrel stake launcher, some regular handguns and assault rifles and a beam rifle. This beam rifle, for example, was locked at level 40 but offered a great amount of Scrap for dismantling it. It also came with specific perks.


Each character also has its own unique perks and skills. One character features a bird that can fly off in the distance and scout the area while another is a silent class and packed an invisibility cloak for improved sneaking. The leak also confirmed that there are six playable characters in Redfall although we have only seen four of them in the CG trailer.

The Redfall leak claims that the game is set in an open world. The map includes a range of activities to take on including main and side missions. The leak describes the map as similar to “Fallout 76 or Ghost of Tsushima“. The playtest took place across two large open-world districts including a coastline with some beached ships players can explore. There are also boss fights that are scattered around the map.


According to the gameplay screenshots from Redfall, the game is an FPS as the official site mentions. You can hold three weapons at a time. It is unclear yet if these weapons are locked behind different heavy and standard types. It could also be like Borderlands where you can equip anything depending on how many weapon slots you have unlocked.

Keep in mind that this Redfall playtest is also an extremely early build of the game. The build even included developer toggles to spawn in enemies and a dev shooting range to test out guns. The game is expected to launch sometime in 2022 for Xbox and PC.

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