Cancelled Standalone Call of Duty Zombies Game Raven Details

Cancelled Standalone Call of Duty Zombies Game Details Revealed

Back in 2012, Raven Software was developing a standalone Call of Duty zombies game, though it never seemed to pass design documents. An ex-developer of Raven has now spoken out about the plans for the Call of Duty zombies title, offering new details about the cancelled project and how it would play into a free-to-play live service model.

Call of Duty YouTuber Glitching Queen recently interviewed an ex-Raven employee and pressed about the cancelled standalone Call of Duty zombies game that was once in development at Activision. Several new details emerged from the interview about the project, though we’ll do our best to summarise them in bullet points below (thanks Reddit).

Some details about the cancelled Call of Duty zombies game are as follows:

  • It was developed from 2011-2012 but never passed design documents
  • It would be fully supported and updated as a free-to-play live service game.
  • An entirely new zombies experience and not a port of the old zombies modes.
  • Described as “fun, campy and experimental.”
  • Built off COD online tech.
  • Treyarch was reportedly unsure about continuing zombies after some behind-the-scenes troubles with Black Ops 2, so it was handed over to Raven Software.
  • 1-4 players.
  • There would be a “world” map.
  • You start the game as a gladiator fending off zombies in an arena.
  • There would be customisable characters and progression.
  • At one point, you would be able to escape and explore an open world to fight zombies.
  • The arena would be round-based while portions of the open world would have waves of zombies.
  • Seasonal content rotation.
  • Treyarch reportedly wanted it back and didn’t want competition, leading to the game’s cancellation.
  • Contrary to rumours, there were never more standalone zombies games planned after this.

It sounds like this standalone Call of Duty zombies game would’ve been a decently fun free-to-play live service experience for those interested in the undead side of the COD franchise. If the details are accurate, then it seems like the game’s cancellation came down to Treyarch being rather indecisive about whether or not to continue using zombies in its games.

In related news, a rumoured Xbox showcase will take place on 9 June where we’ll reportedly see the next Call of Duty game, believed to be a new Black Ops title set in the Gulf War.

Source: Glitching Queen (via Reddit)

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