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Dragon’s Dogma 2 Confirmed to Run at 30FPS on Consoles

Dragon’s Dogma 2, the upcoming action-RPG from Capcom, has been confirmed to run at 30FPS on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles. This comes in light of a previous report from back in January which claimed that the game was locked at 30FPS on console platforms. However, early previews now confirm that this is accurate.

Capcom previously stated that Dragon’s Dogma 2 would ‘target 30FPS and above uncapped’ consoles, though early reports from previews suggest that it can even fall below 30FPS at times. According to previews from IGN and Windows Central, both outlets reported that the game hovered around 30FPS with no option for a performance mode. As fans pointed out, the game being uncapped has some worried that it might not be a great technical experience right out the gate.

In the preview from IGN, the outlet clarifies that it’s playing an early build of the game, with Capcom stating that it was “still in development, and is not equivalent to the final product.” However, the preview notes that even on PS5, it would average around 31 frames per second with notable dips during “heavy moments of action.”

With Dragon’s Dogma 2 close to release, players are hoping that these issues might be resolved in time for launch. The most likely scenario is that Capcom will release a patch or update at a later stage to rectify the framerate problem or at least offer a mode that locks the game at a solid 30FPS.

In other news, Capcom is set to host two digital events in the coming days. The first will take place on 7 March and focus on Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess and Dragon’s Dogma 2. It’s possible that we’ll finally get the rumoured demo for the game at this event. The second stream will air on 11 March and focus on Street Fighter 6Exoprimal, Monster Hunter Stories and Monster Hunter Now.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 launches on 22 March 2024 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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