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EA Patent Will Reportedly Let Players Voice In-Game Characters

Electronic Arts has apparently issued a patent that will allow players to voice in-game characters themselves. This involves a system where players input their own voices into a synthesizer model that then generates a specific kind of tone or style. If you ever wanted to literally become a character in a game, I guess EA has you covered.

According to VeryAliGaming, EA’s newly issued patent is wildly experimental but might cater to those few players who want to inject their own unique voice acting into games. Of course, it’s not something for everyone but in the case of RPGs with silent protagonists, for example, this might incentivise players to create custom voice lines and really become the characters they’re playing as.

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VeryAliGaming breaks down exactly what the latest patent from EA entails:

  • Electronic Arts’ newly issued patent aims to enable players to make their in-game characters communicate using their own voices.
  • The patent outlines a system that involves inputting speech content data into a synthesizer module, which generates source acoustic features representing the desired voice or style.
  • The heart of the patent is a voice converter, which uses an acoustic feature encoder to meld the source acoustic characteristics with a target speaker embedding associated with the player, replicating the player’s voice for the in-game character.

“A computer-implemented method of generating speech audio in a video game is provided. The method includes inputting, into a synthesizer module, input data that represents speech content. Source acoustic features for the speech content in the voice of a source speaker are generated and are input, along with a speaker embedding associated with a player of the video game into an acoustic feature encoder of a voice convertor.”

In other news, a few major EA-published titles are up for several awards at the upcoming The Game Awards including Dead Space and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Make sure you check out the full list of nominees right here.

Source: VeryAliGaming

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