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Fans Really Want Jensen Ackles as The Next Batman

James Gunn and Peter Safran are currently spearheading a fresh reboot for the DCU starting with Superman: Legacy, which has already cast its Clark Kent and Lois Lane. However, the future of their revamped DC universe is still a bit murky and it’s unclear if (or how) Matt Reeves’ The Batman will be integrated into it or not. It seems like Ben Affleck might be stepping back from the role but fans already have a replacement choice ready: Jensen Ackles.

A new Twitter post created yesterday has started to gain momentum online, suggesting that Jensen Ackles pick up the mantle as the next Batman in the DCU. Fans quickly applauded the idea and now want Ackles to step into the role.

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Jensen Ackles is best known for the hit TV series, Supernatural, where he played Dean Winchester. He also appeared in season 3 of The Boys as Soldier Boy. However, the actor is already a familiar face (or voice) in the DC universe as he previously voiced Red Hood in the animated movie, Batman: Under The Red Hood. Ackles would even go on to voice Bruce Wayne/Batman in the two-part animated adaptation of The Long Halloween, so in every way but live-action, he already embodies the character.

As some fans already pointed out, by the time Warner Bros. and DC considers a new actor to play Batman, Ackles might already be too old. The actor is already 45 years old, which is four years older than when Affleck was cast as Batman. However, it’s possible that the DCU might stick with an older, more seasoned Batman. On the other hand, fans also suggested that he’d be perfect to play Batman should a live-action adaptation of Batman Beyond ever happen.

In related news, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has completely cut a scene involving Ben Affleck because Gunn and Safran don’t want fans to get their hopes up for a movie universe set-up that isn’t going to happen.

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